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Murder of a civilian and robbery of a 96-year-old veteran: "exploits" of RFA in Kyiv region


Kyiv region

In March 2022, during the occupation of the village of Andriivka, Buchansky district, a russian serviceman illegally detained a civilian man, after torture he was shot in the head. They also broke into the house of another villager. Threatening with weapons, they took possession of his car. In another home, a 96-year-old World War II veteran, a suspect stole a generator that supplied electricity to the home. Threatening with weapons, he stole from the victim a medal for participation in the Second World War, as well as other awards of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The occupant attached part of the loot to his uniform, took a picture and boasted about it on the social network.

Victims: 1 dead, the number of victims is specified.

Source: Office of the Attorney General


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