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n the Mykolayiv region, at least 1 dead and 2 wounded per day, humanitarian warehouse destroyed


Mykolayiv region

At about 3 am, Russian troops fired 7 S-300 missiles at Mykolayiv. Gas stations, a gas pipeline, a warehouse and an infrastructure facility were destroyed and caught fire. At least 1 person was hurt.

In the village of Limany, residential buildings were destroyed due to shelling. At about 2 am, a Russian shell hit a residential building in the village of Shirokoye, one person was killed. Also at night, the Russians shelled the villages of the Bashtansky bulk, information about the destruction and victims is being specified.

The fields were burning in the Shevchenko community and the forest in the Galitsyn community.

In Mykolayiv, Russian invaders fired two rockets at a humanitarian aid warehouse at night. Thousands of tons of food intended for children, the elderly and the needy were burned.

Victims: at least 1 dead, 2 injured.

Source: Head of the Mykolayiv Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim, State Emergency Service.



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