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New crimes by the Russian military in Donbas: destroyed houses, civilian casualties


Donetsk region

On March 20, two civilians were killed in Maksimivka, Donetsk region, as a result of strikes by Russian troops. 2 more people were injured during the day.

Kurakhivska, Kostyantynivska, Chasovoyarska OTG also came under fire from the occupiers. 8 high-rise buildings, 5 private houses and 2 administrative buildings were damaged in Hirnyk; 5 houses were damaged in Vesely Gaya, 6 in Kurakhovo. 8 high-rise buildings, 3 private houses and an administrative building were damaged in Selidovo.

In the Chasovoyarsk community, 7 private houses, 4 high-rise buildings and an infrastructure object were damaged.

Victims: 2 killed, 2 wounded.

Source: head of the Donetsk OVA, Vadym Filashkin.



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