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On Ukraine's Independence Day, the occupiers wounded 6 civilians in the Donetsk region


Donetsk region

In the morning, Russian troops fired a missile at the outskirts of Malotaranovka, Kramatorsk community - without casualties or destruction. Ugledar was subjected to an airstrike and 29 artillery shellings. Maksimovka was shelled twice, a house in Novoukrainka was damaged.

In the Donetsk direction, 5 people were injured in Kurakhovo - 5 high-rise buildings, a store and an administrative building were damaged.

In the Gorlovka direction, a house in Shcherbinovka of the Toretsk community was damaged, and 2 more houses were damaged in the Chasovoyarsk community.

Victims: 6 injured;

Source: Head of the Donetsk Regional Police Department Pavel Kirilenko.


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