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Rashists conducted a "special operation" against a pig farm in Sumy Oblast


Sumy region

On the evening of March 26, as a result of shelling by Russian troops in the village of The building of the agro-enterprise was damaged in the abundance of the Krasnopil community. The village was also hit. Grabivske.

In total, during the day, the occupiers carried out 36 shellings of Sumy Oblast, 181 explosions were recorded.

The strikes were carried out on Stepanivska, Myropilska, Khotenska, Yunakivska, Bilopolska, Krasnopilska, Velikopysarivska, Putivlska, Shalyginska, and Seredino-Budska OTGs.

Victims: TBA;

Source: Sumy OVA.



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