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Russia shelled Severodonetsk 11 times from artillery: a technical school and residential multi-store


Severodonetsk, Luhansk region

During May 14, russian troops shelled Severodonetsk 11 times with artillery. 11 multi-storey residential buildings and a technical school were destroyed, there are hits at the “Azot” plant. 4 people were injured.

At least 10 times the russian federation shelled the territories of Gorska and Popasnyanska communities.

As a result of the shelling of Vrubivka, 3 people were injured. A woman was wounded in Novodruzhesk, two houses were destroyed. In Lysychansk, as a result of russian shelling, 3 houses were destroyed, in Rubizhne - 2, in Kamyshevakha - 9, in Toshkivka - 4, in Zolote - 5, in Troitske - 2.

Victims: 4 people wounded, information to be confirmed.

Source: Head of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration Sergiy Gaidai.



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