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Russian invaders wounded 11 people per day in the Nikolaev region, 6 fires broke out


Mykolaiv region

The residential quarters of Mykolaiv, as well as Shirokovskaya, Bereznegovatskaya, Pervomaiskaya, Kutsurubskaya and Galitsinovskaya communities were under shelling.

Because of the shelling, 6 fires broke out in apartments, private households and fields. In particular, in Mykolaiv, in a four-story residential building, a Russian rocket of the Uragan system broke through the ceiling from the fourth to the second floor. At least five people were injured. There was a fire on the 3rd floor.

Victims: 11 wounded.

Source: Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Council Anna Zamazeeva, State Emergency Service.



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