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Russian military kept 150 civilians in the basement of a school in the Chernihiv region


Yahidne, Chernihiv region

After the liberation of the Chernihiv region from the Russian invaders, improvised «jails» were discovered in which the Russian military kept civilians.

Thus, in the basement of a school in the Yahidne village in the Chernihiv district of the Chernihiv region, 150 people were kept in cramped and unsanitary conditions - women, children, and the elderly people. According to the head of the Regional State Administration Viacheslav Chaus, the Russian military took them as hostages.

«Here people got sick and died. Here the living were next to the dead. Hunger. Thirst. Fear. Pain. Despair. Bucket toilet. Suffocation. Children. There were women and children… It’s terrible», said the head of the Regional State Administration.

Victims: information is being specified.

Source: head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, Viacheslav Chaus.



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