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Russian soldiers brag about brutally torturing Ukrainian prisoners of war



Tortures of Ukrainian men and women take place systematically and continue even on the territory of the russian federation where they are taken to "beat information out of them". This is evidenced by a phone conversation of a russian military serviceman currently in Ukraine with his friend who works at the Russian secret services.

"Two were caught, both younger than us. We start stabbing - nothing. Took one to the forest, started questioning the other one. We shot him as if to kill him. He didn't say a f**king word. Okay... We put his leg under the wheel and ran it over - he didn't say a f**king word!" - says the occupant, surprised at the Ukrainian's fortitude.

His interlocutor refers to the torturing of Ukrainian soldiers as to a "reception".

"Your uncle comes to us from time to time to join the first reception. He says: "Don't pity them! They were coming to kill". Guys leave the reception with broken legs and arms... It's fun there" - says the russian secret service employee.

Victims: TBC

Source: Security Service of Ukraine



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