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Russian troops fired at night in the Donetsk and Gorlovka directions


Donetsk region

In the Donetsk direction, Avdeevka and the villages of the Ocheretinskaya community were under fire. In Avdiivka, there were single arrivals to the old town, and in the morning there was a massive shelling of the center. Also at night, the Russians fired at the Karlovskoye reservoir on the territory of the Ocheretinsky community.

In the Gorlovsky direction, the Chasovoyar, Bakhmut and Svetlodar communities suffered. An airstrike was carried out on Chasovoy Yar - the house was damaged. At night, shelling of Bakhmut and Ivanovsky continued - 2 people were injured, 2 houses were damaged. In the Svetlodar community it was loud in Odradovka and at the Maiorsk station.

Victims: preliminary 2 wounded, the number of victims is specified

Source: Head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko



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