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Russian troops killed more Mariupol residents than the Nazis


Mariupol, Donetsk region

In two months, russian troops in Mariupol killed more residents of the city than their Nazi counterparts in two years of occupation during World War II.

This was stated by the mayor of Mariupol Vadym Boichenko: «In two years, the Nazis killed 10 thousand civilians in Mariupol. And russian invaders in two months - more than 20 thousand Mariupol residents. ... This is one of the worst genocides of the civilian population in modern history», he said.

In addition, russian troops not only kill Mariupol residents but also actively abducted them into slavery. Since the beginning of the war, the invaders forcibly deported 40,000 people into russia - the same number as the Nazis took out during the entire period of World War II.

Victims: information is being specified.

Source: mayor of Mariupol city, Vadym Boichenko.



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