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Russian troops shelled 13 settlements of Donbass in a day - there are dead


Donetsk region

During the day, 28 attacks were recorded. Russian troops used artillery, mortars, tanks, MLRS "Grad", "Hurricane" and launched an airstrike "NURS". There are wounded and dead among the civilian population. The city of Avdeevka, the village of Yuzhnoye, the city of Nikolaevka, the city of Zheleznoye, with. May Day, Chasov Yar, with. Friendship, p. Kalinovo, Slavyansk, Bolshaya Novoselka, Bakhmut, Yasnogorka, Kurakhovo. 19 objects were destroyed and damaged - 14 residential buildings, a boarding school, a hostel, an outbuilding, a hangar, a cafe.

Victims: TBA

Source: MIA



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