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Russian troops shelled more than 10 settlements in the Donetsk region


Donetsk region

Russian troops launched 3 missile attacks on Toretsk and 1 on Avdiivka. In Toretsk, rockets hit the private sector and garages - there were no casualties. In Avdiivka, in addition to rockets, the Russians used artillery three times, hitting the city center and the AKHZ - the consequences are being established.

In Bakhmut, the Russians ended up in a hotel - according to preliminary information, there are dead and wounded, a rescue operation is underway. In the Kurakhovskaya community, it is Kurakhovo, as well as Gornyak, Kurakhovka and Ostroy, that are under shelling. In the Maryinsky community, intensive shelling of Krasnogorovka continues. In the Ocheretyansk bulk, shelling continued at night and in the morning: most of all in the vicinity of Peski. In the morning, Russian shells flew into the area of ​​the Karlovskaya filter station and Orlovka. Under fire - Yablonovka of the Ilinovskaya community. 3 houses damaged, but no casualties.

Victims: the number is being specified

Source: Head of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration Pavel Kirilenko



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