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Russian troops shelled the Donetsk region at night


Donetsk region

In the Volnovakha direction, 5 houses in Novoukrainka were damaged under shelling of Prechistovka and Bogoyavlenka.

In the Donetsk direction, 2 houses were damaged in Soloviev, Ocheretinsky community, 3 shelling of Kurakhovo and single shelling of Avdiivka were recorded.

Konstantinovka received two missile strikes in the Gorlovsky direction the day before - the enemy entered the territory of the enterprise, damaged 3 buildings and a car.

In the Lisichansk direction, under fire from Zvanovka and Pereezdnoye, the Russians also shelled Seversk for a day.

In just a day, the number of victims of Russians in the Donetsk region increased by 4 dead.

Victims: 4 killed

Source: Head of the Donetsk OVA Pavel Kirilenko


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