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Russians killed father and stepmother: 13-year-old girl pretended to be dead


Katyuzhanka, Kyiv region

A convoy of russian military entered Katyuzhanka in the Kyiv region at the end of February. 13-year-old Dasha with her father and stepmother wanted to leave there for a safer place. The russian military opened fire on the car. The father and his wife died on the spot, the car caught fire.

Dasha tried to escape, but the Russians fired machine gun fire. The child was seriously injured. Bleeding, the girl literally crawled out from under the bullets and ran to another place, hid behind the boards. Russian soldiers came up and touched her leg. They were sure that the child was already dead. The girl was really covered in blood, because two bullets hit her: one in the arm, the other in the thigh. She miraculously managed to get out when the Russian military left.

Victims: 2 dead, 1 injured.

Source: National police



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