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Shelling of Mykolaiv region: houses and infrastructure destroyed


Mykolaiv region

During the day, Russian troops attacked the residential areas of the Mykolaiv and Bashtansky districts. As a result of the morning shelling in the Olshanskaya UTC, a utility infrastructure facility was damaged. In with. Malievka of the Bereznegovatskaya community was hit by residential buildings. The invaders also fired at Novonikolayevka, Shirokoye, and Chervona Dolina.

On the morning of July 26, Russia hit Mykolaiv with 9 missiles. A critical infrastructure facility, a motor transport company, and the port area were damaged.

Serious damage was received by the building "Mykolaivoblteploenergo". The "arrival" of the Russian rocket fell on the boiler room.

Victims: to be confirmed.

Source: Nikolaev OVA.



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