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The occupiers carried out 134 attacks on 23 settlements


Zaporozhye region

There were 111 artillery shellings on the territory of Gulyai-Polye, Orekhov, Novoandreevka, Malinovka, Belogorye, Levadnoye, Robotinoye, Kamensky, Stepnoye, Plavneya, Malye Shcherbakov and other front-line towns and villages.

The enemy carried out missile attacks on Dneprovka and Pridolinovka, 7 UAV attacks on Gulyaypolye, Zheleznodorozhny, Malinovka, Poltavka, Krasnoye and Stepnoye, 9 MLRS attacks on Orekhov, Novodanilovka, Robotinoy, Belogorye and Malaya Tokmachka, as well as Novodarovka and Malaya Tokmachka.

As a result of an artillery strike by Russian military personnel on Malaya Tokmachka, a 76-year-old woman was injured.

There were 6 reports of destruction of residential buildings and infrastructure.

Victims: 1 injured

Source: Zaporozhye OVA


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