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The Russians beat the residential areas of the Donetsk region all night long


Donetsk region

In Selydovo, one civilian was killed and five were wounded: the occupiers used Smerch missile systems and S-300 air defense systems to destroy the city. A school, gymnasium, kindergarten and 32 five-story houses were seriously damaged by rocket explosions.

In the Soledar OTG, one residential building was completely destroyed by the blows of the Russians, and another 5 were damaged. So far, there is no information about the destruction in Avdeevka: the occupiers shelled the center of the city with barrel artillery. Maryinka, Krasnohorovka, Novomykhailovka and Georgievka also came under fire.

Victims: 1 killed, 5 wounded, the data are being clarified;

Source: head of Donetsk OVA Pavel Kyrilenko.



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