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The shelling of Mykolaiv region does not stop


Mykolaiv region

At about 3 am, Russian troops fired on the village of Bereznegovatoe. Residential buildings damaged. At about 7 o'clock in the morning, Russian troops again fired on Nikolaev and the village of Limany in the Nikolaev region. The consequences are being specified.

On August 8, Russian invaders attacked the outskirts of Nikolaev, fired at the settlements of Bereznegovatoe, Galitsinovo, Limany and Polyana. Residential houses, outbuildings and the administrative building were damaged. A forest burned near the village of Galitsinovo due to Russian shelling, and fields near the village of Polyana.

Victims: to be confirmed.

Source: head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration Vitaly Kim.



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