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Took two prisoners. Cut off an ear, - russian troops' talk


Kharkiv region

"Took two prisoners. Cut off an ear - he didn't want to talk. Should be grateful we didn't put a bullet in his forehead or didn't quarter him with heavy machineryr"

One of the invaders, who served in Kharkiv region, told his father about the torture of the ukrainian military men. The invader also spoke about the shelling of peaceful villages and how the russians robbed the civilians:

- Do they give you rations, son?

- Occasionally ... The boys went to the village, brought sausages, mayonnaise, lard.

- Did you go to the store?

- No, shook people. And it makes sense for them to stay quiet, we have guns. We have a tank! Pissed off - minus the house. Live on the street.

- And it is allowed, yes?

- So it should be done!

Source: Ukrainian intelligence



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