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Tortured with electric current and chemical reagents


Zaporozhye, Zaporozhye region

It was established that the suspect, along with his accomplices from among the military of the aggressor state, detained the head of one of the local educational institutions. The woman was placed in a cell where she was kept with a minimum amount of water without an equipped bathroom and food. She was interrogated exclusively at night, thereby forcing her to cooperate with the enemy.The other two suspects, servicemen of the unit of the Makhachkala OMON of the Department of the Russian Guard in the Republic of Dagestan, after the occupation of the Vasilyevsky district in February 2022, were appointed the so-called "deputy and assistant military commandant" of the occupation administration of the city of Vasilyevka.

Victims: TBA

Source: press service of the Zaporozhye Prosecutor's Office


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