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Unique mosaics-pearls of Alla Gorskaya destroyed by Russian shelling in Mariupol


Mariupol, Donetsk region

Mariupol masterpieces of Alla Gorskaya came to an end. The works "Tree of Life" and "Boriviter" were created in the interior of the restaurant "Ukraine" by a team of artists (A. Gorskaya, V. Zaretsky, G. Zubchenko, B. Plaksia, G. Prishedko under the guidance of V. Prakhnin N. Svetlichnaya) on during a creative business trip to Mariupol, which lasted from May 23 to June 12, 1967.

Thematically timeless, aesthetically perfect and devoid of any socialist realist concepts - these two works by Alla Gorskaya's team were the pearls of the Mariupol collection of monumental art.

Source: local historian and journalist Stanislav Ivanov



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