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We hoped to find the living: Police officer about the missile attack on the museum in Kupyansk


Kupyansk, Kharkiv region

Police officer Igor Laptev was one of those who first rushed to save people after a missile attack. He, along with his colleagues, with their bare hands, raked the debris of the museum building, where the Russians got to, in order to have time to save the lives of two employees of the local history museum.

“We dug until we came across the body of a woman. We saw the head, established what position it was in and dug it until we could get it. The victim was still warm, at that moment we could not understand if there was she has a pulse. We put her on a stretcher. There was hope that the woman would survive, "said Laptev. He recalls that law enforcement officers understood that there was another victim that needed to be saved and continued excavations. However, the second victim also died.

Victims: 2 dead, 10 injured

Source: media



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