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Russian servicemen, who kept imprisoned inhabitants of the village of Yahidne



They kept 347 people, including 77 children, in the school basement. Before placing people in the basement, the invaders forced them to strip naked in the street in the presence of other villagers at sub-zero temperatures.

In conditions of unsanitary conditions and lack of water and food, without fresh air and in complete darkness, 10 people died there from 9 to 28 March.

All war criminals are from military unit No. 55115 (Kyzyl): Private Oorzhak Ivan Bulanovich, Corporal Shaktar-ool Kezhik-ool Aleksandrovich, Sergeant Chynan Chayan Aleksandrovich, Suvan Siin-ool Anatolyevich, Sergeant Mongush Nazyty Mergenovich, Private Khertek Arian Orlanovich, Private Khomushku Sayan Singit-oolovich, corporal Oorzhak Eres Amirovich, private Mongush Aigarim Valerievich.

Source: mass media


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